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Wild pig captured at Hong Kong International Airport

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In a rather unusual turn of events yesterday, airport police were called to capture two wild boar that had entered the restricted area at Chek Lap Kok.

The first boar, a female weighing approximately 50kg, was spotted at around 2.18pm on the North Perimeter Road section of the airport apron. Footage shared on Facebook showed police capturing it by pinning it to the ground with shields. The animal appeared to sustain injuries as a result of the incident and was taken to the New Territories North Animal Management Centre for veterinary assistance.

The alarm was raised again at approximately 6.30pm, when a second boar was spotted in the area. Police attempted to capture the animal, however it escaped by jumping into the sea.

It is not yet clear how the pigs came to be at the airport, however there have been suggestions that they may have swum there from Lantau Island. Investigations are now underway to find out how they were able to enter the airport’s restricted area.

Flights and airport operations were reportedly unaffected by the incident.

Image: Facebook: Hong Kong Police


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