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Wellcome operators fined for selling mouldy food

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The operators of Wellcome supermarkets have landed in trouble with the authorities after they were found to be selling expired food products at three stores.

The Standard reported Wellcome’s parent company, Dairy Farm, was charged with six counts of selling expired and mouldy food and food not clearly labelled in violation of the Public Health and Municipal Ordinance.

The three stores carrying the expired product were outlets at Tak Po Garden in Kowloon Bay, a store on Waterloo Road in Yau Ma Tei and the Infinity Eight branch in Choi Hung.

Dairy Farm was fined HK$46,000 and ordered to pay HK$4590 in food testing fees in court.

Dairy Farm told the court it runs a large operation of 300 supermarkets and 900 convenience stores, The Standard reported.

The court heard staff are told to check the expiry dates of products five times a day.

The magistrate said the chain should review its food management.

In a statement to arounddb.com, Wellcome said:

“Food safety is of top priority at Wellcome’s operations. The supermarket has staff guidelines in place on regular checks on quality and expiry date of products on shelf. We will step up internal monitoring mechanism to ensure strict compliance of the guidelines at all stores. The supermarket also welcomes customer feedbacks to further enhance service level.”

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