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We live in the most visited city in the world!

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According to market researcher Euromonitor International, the most visited city in the world is Hong Kong.

The research, published last week, shows that Hong Kong attracts an impressive 27.77 million international tourists yearly; the Asian city outstrips London’s and Singapore’s popularity.

The influx of mainland Chinese visitors keeps Hong Kong at the forefront of Euromonitor’s annual Top 100 City Destinations survey for the fifth consecutive year. But Euromonitor warns that Hong Kong’s reliance on Chinese tourists is a weakness as their increasing affluence takes them further afield — a situation likely to be exacerbated by recent protests there against mainland Chinese travelers.

London’s expensive reputation and the fact that its airports are nearing capacity could also see it losing out to European rivals, Euromonitor says.

In the fourth position is Bangkok and then in the fifth position is Paris. Surprisingly (or not), Macau is in the top 10 most visited cities in the world! Its casinos and theme parks drew almost 15 million visitors last year! In the top 10 cities most visited in the world, 6 are from Asia.

Euromonitor’s list is compiled from 57 “core” countries’ data, using national statistics and info from airports, hotels and other tourism industry sources.

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