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Ways of living inspired by nature

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Stemming from the idea that everything deserves a second chance, Tung Chung resident Edy Ng’s new book on home design, Wood Soul, Ways of Living Inspired by Nature, is big on recycling.

“It all started four years ago when I bought my apartment in Caribbean Coast,” Edy says. “My background is in design, so I did most of the renovation and decoration myself. I found that every week, residents dump their old belongings in the basement to make room for new ones, and I took my inspiration from that culture. I decided to repurpose furniture left in the dump and make new items from the old ones.”

Originally from Indonesia, Edy promotes a green and eco-friendly lifestyle that is inspired by nature. “Now, living in a world of steel and glass, such as here in Hong Kong, you have to be creative in the midst of so many challenging aspects,” he says. “The most damning aspect of all is, of course, the space limitation. This issue has created numerous downstream impacts, a domino effect, if you like, such as throwing out furniture that is still in good condition to make room for new furniture. But that’s not to say we can’t create a comfortable home.

“The essence of comfort is a collective result of our sensing experience, ranging from what we see, what we hear, what we smell, what we touch and what we taste,” Edy advises. “This book will inspire you to look inside yourself and express what you want!” To purchase Wood Soul, visit www.ver-ed.com.

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