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Watch this beautiful film about Lantau Island

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“Largest and most beautiful island in Hong Kong, Lantau is surely one of the finest in old China. It used to be known as the island of prayer for having so many monasteries.

“There are beautiful hillsides, fantastic hiking trails, and along the coast there are beaches popular with people from all across Hong Kong, but also lowland sites threatened by development.”

In his breathtaking short documentary, Dr. Martin Williams, a Hong Kong-based writer, photographer, and videographer originally from from Yorkshire, UK, captures the beauty, spirit, and true value of Lantau Island. He takes audiences on a journey that explores its magical landscape, showing places and scenes of which even some locals are unaware.

Dr. Martin’s published works have appeared in BBC Wildlife, National Wildlife, Reader’s Digest, South China Morning Post, and Ming Pao Weekly. His films centre on the splendor of the natural environment, and the perils it faces. You can learn more about Dr. Martin at www.drmartinwilliams.com.

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