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Visionary residents petition for MTR shuttle bus

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In early August, residents of The Visionary estate in Tung Chung officially petitioned the Transport Department for a shuttle bus service to connect the Ying Hong Street estate to the Tung Chung MTR.

The petition states that in 2013 the Customer Service Centre applied to the Transport Department for a shuttle bus service licence, but was told the application would not be considered because the building was still in its “construction” stage and the introduction of another Tung Chung shuttle bus service would disrupt traffic around the MTR station.

Currently, residents have the option of a 25-minute walk to reach the MTR, or the use of the 37M Visionary circular service, which runs every 10 minutes at a cost of HK$3.2.

Among its multiple arguments for a shuttle service, the Customer Service Centre has expressed concern that the addition of 3,000 new public housing units at the Ying Tung Estate will put immense pressure on the 37M bus service if it continues to operate at its current frequency.

It also argues that the lack of a bus shelter means that residents may find themselves waiting for the current bus service in extreme weather conditions such as heat or torrential rain, and that there is sufficient capacity for the MTR to accommodate another shuttle bus stop.

The petition hopes to gain enough support to get the shuttle service licence approved as soon as possible, in order to cope with growing demand.

Petition sheets can be collected from The Visionary reception, or signed online at http://bit.ly/2wvAJTV.

Image: Exploringlife (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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