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VIDEO: Environmentalist showcases Lantau’s beauty

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A passionate local environmentalist has put together a video showcasing Lantau as a way of highlighting concerns about its future.

Dr Martin Williams, who currently lives on Cheung Chau, has been a Hong Kong resident for 28 years, and has a strong interest in wildlife and conservation issues.

The writer, photographer and video maker is also a nature tour leader and ecological consultant and was co-producer of a Cathay Pacific nature tourism film, Explore Wild Hong Kong, as well as directing Mai Po Marshes – Hong Kong’s Wetland Superstar for WWF Hong Kong.

He said he received funding for this film from Lantau environmentalist David Jack.

Martin, who is part of the Save Lantau Alliance and Living Cheung Chau group, said he particularly wanted to highlight threatened areas, especially around Lantau’s lowlands.


Caption: A still from the Youtube clip.

He said he hoped the video would have two outcomes, either “to stave off development or for some sort of record of what we have lost”.

“I am hoping that it will show how valuable Lantau is – that has not always been remembered,” he said.

Martin said the 25-minute video featured areas he said were of particular concern, such as Mui Wo’s remaining wetland and Pui O’s buffalo fields.

He also highlighted Shui Hau, which he said is under-appreciated, along with the Tai O wetlands and Yi O, which is the site of a new rice farming operation.

Martin said another area which needed vigilance was the Tung Chung Bay river valley area.

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