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Very wet January!

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According to the HK observatory, the rainfall observed in January so far has been almost 3 times the monthly January average observed in previous years.

Typical monthly rainfall in January should be around 23/ 24mm. But so far this month, we have had close to 60mm of rainfall!

2016 will be one of the wettest January ever recorded (since 1884). According to HK Observatory, the wet winter observed in HK is most likely due to the El Nino effect – the warming and cooling of surface waters over the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean which affect the atmospheric circulation worldwide.

Meteorologists are still expecting a lot more rain to come! By the end of the week, there will be non-stop rain until next Tuesday, Jan 19. “Under the influence of the northeast monsoon, cool weather will persist over the south China coast in the next few days. Upper-air disturbance is expected to bring rainy weather to the region in the latter part of this week.”

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