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Tung Chung movie theatres stay open — for now

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Movie lovers from across Lantau Island get a reprieve as UA Cinemas in Tung Chung remain open for the rest of spring.

The premises, which was supposed to be shut along with the food court Food Republic and nearby shops sometime in April to make way for the expansion of Citygate Outlets, remained open for the month.

Bay Media recently got in touch with Carmen Fung, Senior Marketing & Promotions Officer of Swire Properties, who confirmed that there indeed has been some rescheduling for Citygate’s renovation. Work is now expected to begin around early summer, but when exactly cannot yet be ascertained.

For now, it seems audiences will be able to see a few more films in the neighbourhood movie house, including a few highly anticipated blockbusters.

On the downside, the delayed renovation also means that the new state-of-the-art cinemas to be constructed along with the mall’s new wing, will most likely be pushed back as well.

Meanwhile, UA Cinemas Tung Chung branch is no longer visible on the movie theatre company’s website, and was probably taken down a while back in anticipation of its closure.

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