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Tips for using the hire car function on the DB Transport app

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On December 28, 2017, the Discovery Bay hire car booking service was switched from a telephone service to an app-based function. The new booking function, which can be found on the ‘DB.Transport’ app, has been welcomed by many residents as a step forward, however a few people have had difficulty using it.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the new booking function…

1.   The term ‘Waiting to confirm’ means that your booking has been accepted, and the system is waiting to confirm which car e.g. DBAY160 will serve you. DB Transport has told Around DB it is aware that the terminology may be confusing and is looking to amend it in the near future.

2.   Many residents have found when trying to book a car in advance that they receive the message ‘Booking fail, Excess quota limit.’ This means that all cars due to be in service at that time are already booked by other passengers. However, it may still be possible to arrange a car by booking 30 minutes or less before your required pick-up time. At this point, requests go into a different queue for drivers to accept bookings that fit with their scheduled route, so don’t give up hope – just try closer to the time.

3.   Occasionally, you may receive a message stating that the car previously arranged to pick you up is no longer able to serve you. Don’t panic! This just means that another car is better placed to fulfil your journey, however in order for the new driver to pick your booking up, the original driver first has to release the booking.

4.   Worried that you’ll miss a notification while rushing to get ready? Depending on your phone type, you can get round this in various ways. For example, your phone may allow you to view notifications by swiping from the lock screen, or you may be able to adjust your settings so that notifications do not disappear until you physically remove them.

5.   Some residents have reported problems registering their phone numbers on the app. To set up your account, make sure that you click on the text that reads ‘click here’ and not on the arrow on the right-hand side of the screen. If that doesn’t work, you can contact DB Transport for assistance on 2987 7351.

6.   Not got a smart phone or have physical problems in using the app? If there is a genuine reason why you can’t use the app, you can visit the DB Transportation Division office, located in room 101 at the DB Office Centre, between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, to speak to someone about the possibility of setting up a special arrangement. DB Transport will consider all applications on a case-by-case basis.

Further information and tips regarding the hire car booking function can be found in the Announcement section of the DB.Transport app, or for larger text, head to www.dbcommunity.hk/icms2/template?series=328.

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