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The good fight: defending the trees in Discovery Bay

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 A dedicated group of volunteers have been holding vigil to try to stall or stop the cutting down of about 25 huge banyan shade trees in the DBRC lawn.

In face of the questionable legal permissions for tearing up the large grassy area where children play, and where booths are put up during charity events, this team of “Loraxes” — all volunteers, connected by a WhatsApp group — sit out in the heat of the day or the pounding rain from 7 in the morning until long after dark, to do what they can to preserve the trees, the grass, and the environment, at the Club.

They call for replacements when there needs to be a school pick up or when dogs need to be walked, but someone always dashes down so that there are two on watch through the day and others, with a view of the courts, keep watch through the night, as there have been rumours of work being planned after dark.

Along with key leaders such as Natalia Veldman and Richard Beck, there are so many others as well, peacefully sitting by the barricades, watching, waiting, quietly chatting and laughing with the guards sent to watch over their quiet, peaceful and important protest. They are at the meetings and the forums, and are immsensely active online, making certain that the issue is constantly brought forward.

Discovery Bay has an amazing community, and while the ink hasn’t dried, it remains a story that should be shared.


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