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Taiwan earthquake

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An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 (according to the Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau) shook parts of Taiwan today, Tuesday May 31.

If you intend to travel to Taiwan today or tomorrow, your flight may have some delays!

The tremor was felt in the capital, Taipei, but there were no immediate reports of damage.

The US Geological Survey originally recorded the quake, centred about 110 km (70 miles) northeast of Taipei, with a magnitude of 6.4. Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau put the magnitude at 7.2.

Witnesses reported that tremors could be felt in buildings in Taipei, including the national parliament, as well as at the international airport in Taoyuan south of the capital.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, you should expect aftershocks hours, days, or weeks after the main quake. Aftershocks can cause building damage and falling debris that could injure residents.



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