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Tai Pak Beach water quality upgraded from ‘fair’ to ‘good’

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The water quality at Tai Pak Beach in Discovery Bay has been improved from ‘fair’ to ‘good’ recently, according to the latest statistics released by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD).

EPD records show that Tai Pak Beach has consistently maintained its ‘good’ rating since 2002, with the exception of 2016 when it was rated ‘fair’ – thought to be largely to do with heavy rainfall at the time.

Members of the public are advised to avoid swimming in waters at a grade 4 – ‘very poor’. Ratings are determined according to bacterial counts found in water samples.

Since Tai Pak Beach is a non-gazetted beach and not governed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, lifeguards or first aid services are not available.

Accordingly, local district councilor Amy Yung last week urged beachgoers to be both attentive to the potential dangers and supportive in raising awareness. Amy also suggested that the water quality of Tai Pak Beach should not be declared publicly in order to prevent confusion amongst citizens.

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