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Swire Properties is planning to close UA Cinemas in Tung Chung

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As part of Swire Properties’ plan to re-develop the Citygate mall, the UA Cinemas in Tung Chung will be replaced by retail shops.

Tung Chung’s residents have started a petition to stop the closure of the cinema in Tung Chung.

“We express sadness and anger, and sincerely hope that your company will take into account the needs of the average Tung Chung resident, as well as those of our neighbours in Discovery Bay and South Lantau.

“UA Cinemas Tung Chung has been serving this region for many years, and is our one and only movie venue. There are no other family entertainment venues in the region (excluding Disneyland). With the development of public housing estates and private homes, the Tung Chung Community population alone has reached about 120,000.

“In the next three to five years, the number will become significantly higher with the completion of ‘The Visionary’ and other public housing. In view of the district’s large and ever-increasing population, inadequate regional leisure and entertainment facilities have always been criticized. There is already great demand for a cinema in this district with the existing population. Surely, when one considers the estimates of the future population, the demand will only increase.”

To sign the petition, click here

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