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Suicide prevention squad launched

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The Government has recently established the Committee on Prevention of Student Suicides to investigate causes and preventive measures on account of its heightening incidence in Hong Kong.

The Committee will be analysing each student suicide case in the past few years, according to a spokesman for the Education Bureau. It will also study different aspects of prevention including ways to identify students at risk, collaboration across sectors, mental health support services, life education and guidance programmes, parent education, and the role of the media.

Chaired by Professor Paul Yip, Director of the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention at the University of Hong Kong, the Committee also consists of school, parent, youth and student representatives, healthcare and social welfare professionals, and government officials. The Government hopes to enhance its exchanges with students from different institutions.

Members of the Committee gathered on March 30 for a briefing on its objectives. It has agreed to submit a report to the Secretary for Education in six months, following a series of meetings beginning in April. The Committee may also submit an interim report in three months, if deemed necessary.

Early in March, the Education Bureau had already begun steps to address student mental health, following the increasing number and frequency of school suicides in the city since the school year began in September 2015.


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