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Strange lights in sky over Lantau

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Lantau residents have reported seeing strange lights streaking through the night sky over Lantau in the last week.

But rather than it being proof of life in outer space or the Disneyland fireworks going rogue, the lights are part of the Taurid meteor showers, according to earthsky.org.

Residents in other parts of Hong Kong also reported seeing fireballs last week, which are understood to be part of the Southern Taurids meteor shower which peaked last week.

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For those that missed it, the North Taurid meteor shower is expected to peak tomorrow night with the new moon.

The Taurids are an annual meteor shower which occur in October and November, leading to their nickname as the Halloween fireballs.

The Taurids are believed to be remnants of a larger comet which disintegrated over the past 20,000 to 30,000 years.

According to earthsky.org, the North Taurids won’t peak in the same way the South Taurids did, so you might not see more than five meteors an hour.

However, the North Taurids are known for having extra-bright fireballs and the best time for sightings is around midnight.

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