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Special transport arrangements for New Year’s Eve

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Special transport arrangements for New Year’s Eve will be taking place due to New Year celebrations around the city.

The MTR is running overnight train services on all lines except the Airport Express, Disneyland Resort Line and some Light Rail routes. Trains on the Tung Chung line will be running at six-minute intervals from 12.30am to 2.00am and 12-minute intervals from 2.00am to 6.00am on New Year’s Day.

The DB ferry to and from Central will be affected with slight disruptions due to the fireworks display on the harbour, however additional sailings will be put on as follows:

Additional departures of the DB01R route to and from Tung Chung are as follows:

Ferry services between Central and Mui Wo will also be temporarily suspended during the harbour closure due to the fireworks. The last ferry sailing from Mui Wo will be at 10.40pm (fast ferry service) and services will resume at 3.40am (fast ferry service). The last ferry sailing from Central to Mui Wo before the harbour closure will be at 10.45pm with services resuming with an additional sailing at 1.00am (fast ferry service). For more information, contact 2131 818.

Note: resumption of ferry services is subject to the actual reopening time of Victoria Harbour

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