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Slope safety top priority as more rainfall increases landslide risk

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As the Hong Kong Observatory predicts a greater volume of rainfall in 2016, the Civil Engineering & Development Department is working hard to mitigate the risk of landslides in Hong Kong’s slopes.

The department’s Geotechnical Engineering Office has been conducting mitigation works on the hillside above Yu Tung Road, Tung Chung for about seven years, according to Hong Kong’s Information Services Department. In June 2008, a black rainstorm triggered 19 landslides in the said area. While there were no casualties, the road had to be closed for two months.

Among the measures taken were four reinforced concrete barriers to retain debris, and a row of steel mesh fences to sustain landslides. Green design was implemented to maintain the slopes’ natural aesthetic.

Geotechnical Engineering Office Deputy Head Au Yeung Yan-sang said in a press briefing that the department will implement the necessary risk mitigation works for at least 30 natural hillside catchments, as well as 150 Government man-made slopes to ensure public safety.

Photo from the Geotechnical Engineering Office

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