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September 2016 confirmed as one of the gloomiest on record

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If you thought September was less sunny than usual, you were right. According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the total duration of sunshine was just 135.7 hours, 36.6 hours less than normal.

Despite the lack of sun, however, the month was slightly warmer than usual, as Typhoons Meranti and Megi brought very hot and dry weather to the region.

As well as the two T1 signals, September also saw three amber rainstorm warnings, four very hot weather warnings and 16 thunderstorm warnings.

Looking to the week ahead, the Observatory is tracking the development of an area of low pressure to the seas east of Luzon. This is expected to develop into a tropical cyclone and move across the Luzon Straight and the northern part of the South China Sea in the next few days. The developing storm is forecast to bring wind and rain to south China coastal areas over the weekend and the first part of next week.

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