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Safety warning for MTR after girl’s hand caught in door

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The MTR Corporation has warned people to take care when using Hong Kong’s rail network after a young girl got her hand caught in the door of a train during the week.

The Apple Daily reported a two-year-old girl got her hand trapped about 7.55pm at Shek Kip Mei, when boarding the train with her parents.

Witnesses pressed the emergency button and MTR staff were able to free the child’s hand with a screwdriver.

The MTR Corporation said the provision of a safe and reliable service was the top priority for the people of Hong Kong.

“Maintaining a safe railway system requires not only our dedication but also passengers’ support and co-operation,” a spokesman said.

“Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to advise our passengers to stand clear of the doors and keep their hands and fingers clear of the gap between the train and the doors.

“Parents are also advised to take extra care of their children when travelling in the MTR. Their co-operation will definitely help us to continuously improve safety awareness in the railway system and make every journey on the MTR safe and enjoyable.”

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