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Residents raise concerns regarding ‘private cars’ entering DB

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Discovery Bay residents have taken to social media recently to express growing concerns about possible ‘private’ vehicles entering DB.

Many residents have noticed specific vehicles that repeatedly enter DB and either stay for a length of time or appear to be entering for purposes other than those permitted.

The latest incident observed by residents involved a vehicle that was filmed driving on the promenade alongside Tai Pak Wan beach while a children’s party was taking place at the nearby beach park.

Under City Management (CM) rules, private cars are not permitted in DB, however light goods vehicles (LGVs) entering for specific business purposes, such as delivering goods, may enter between the hours of 9am and 6pm and are required to pay a DB-specific ‘Road Usage Fee’. In addition to the initial fee, an overstay charge is levied on vehicles that stay for over two hours. The additional charge is based on the total amount of time spent in DB, with the hourly rate becoming progressively more expensive in order to discourage prolonged stays.

In exceptional circumstances, some contractors, such as pest control companies, may request prior approval to stay beyond the standard permitted hours.

In a statement to Around DB, a CM representative confirmed that with the exception of government vehicles, such as emergency services and vehicles with ‘AM’ registration plates, only vehicles with LGV licences are permitted to enter DB via the tunnel, and outside vehicles visiting residential areas and city areas must register at the Permit Registration Office near the tunnel before proceeding any further. Drivers are required to state the purpose of their visit and the address(es) they will be attending.

The spokesperson also said, however, that due to the design of many modern LGVs, it can be difficult to distinguish between private vehicles and company vehicles, and CM is keeping a close eye on the purpose of each visit, for example checking that vehicles are entering in order to deliver specific goods.

All drivers entering DB will also be reminded to park only in the permitted location for their visit or risk their vehicle being impounded for improper parking.

Any residents who witness a vehicle they believe may have entered DB for non-business purposes can notify CM via email at [email protected], or by calling the Community Relations Department on 2238 3601 during office hours so that vehicles entering under false purposes can be identified.

Around DB understands that the driver of the above-mentioned vehicle, filmed driving along the Tai Pak Wan beach promenade, has been issued with a warning.

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