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Remember your reusables for the DBIS International Food Fair!

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The annual DBIS International Food Fair, a highlight on the DB social calendar, takes place this Saturday, February 25.

This year, the school is aiming to make the fair a waste-free event and is encouraging families to bring their own glasses, plates and cutlery, to prevent unnecessary trash being thrown away.

If you can’t bring your own supplies, the school will be running an “ASAP” stall (with the S standing for sustainable), where you can borrow real plates and cutlery which can be returned to the stall after use.

This great initiative is a joint effort between students, teachers and parents – who will be doing the dish cleaning on site at the end of the event – and is supported by the school cafeteria which is lending its materials.

So remember to go green this Saturday – food tastes better on real plates that don’t contribute to landfill!


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