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Proposed large-scale land reclamation project for Lantau

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After 2 years of research, the first-term report by the Lantau Development Advisory Committee was released yesterday. The report proposes a large-scale land reclamation to build new facilities, to house up to 700,000 people by 2030, to develop a new business district, expand HK Disneyland and more.

 The 33-page report proposes to split Lantau into 4 major development areas:

1. Northern Lantau: near Tung Chung and ariport for economic and housing development

2. Around Sunny Bay: expansion of Disneyland and extra facilities such as indoor surfing and skydiving

3. Business district in the East by reclaiming more land: this large-scale land reclamation will house up to 700,000 people.

4. Development of tourism areas in the South, inluding Mui Wo, Tai O and the Tung Chung Valley

As reported by SCMP today, “environmentalist and Green Sense chief executive Roy Tam Hoi-pong criticised the idea of developing Lantau and said the island should be kept largely intact to protect the ecology there. [Like Sai Kung, Lantau is a garden in Hong Kong’s backyard. The last thing you want is to bulldoze it down to build high-rises,] said Tam.



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