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Progressive Sports Asia: Innovative and technical sports coaching for kids

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Although football is often described as ‘the beautiful game,’ Dirk Haddow and Barry Brown, co-founders of Progressive Sports Asia (PSA), have used their considerable experience to build  coaching programmes that are more science than art.

As almost any renowned expert in his field will tell you, the recipe for success largely consists of discipline and practice, with maybe a soupçon of natural talent or ability. Often initial affinity is what ignites a lifelong love of a sport but, if that is the spark, then practice and discipline are the real fuel for the fire.

Between Dirk and Barry, PSA has a combined 30+ years of experience coaching kids to excellence – on and off the football pitch – by perfecting the method of practice, correction and repetition.

Over his 12-year coaching career, Dirk has gained a wealth of experience both as a parent and coach and has built relationships with Hong Kong and English professional teams, as well as UK schools with pathways into football. UEFA B-licenced Barry has been coaching for 19 years, previously with UK academies and as ESF Football Programme Manager in Hong Kong. Barry has also completed professional development courses on growth mindset, emotional intelligence and person-centred coaching.

Building on their experience, Dirk and Barry have created two programmes to enable children to be the best they can at football and other sports, while encouraging them to enjoy physical activity and improve their physical wellbeing.

PSA’s Dynamic Movement programme (group or one-on-one) uses circuit and high-intensity interval training to help students and athletes (of any age and of all sports) to develop and increase their speed, agility, balance, quickness and coordination.

Meanwhile Tekkerz, the programme PSA is best known for, is an intense ‘maximum touch’ football programme designed to develop the technical skills and overall game play of individual players of all ages starting from U5.

Besides working on hundreds of skills and ball mastery drills, players practice dynamic high-intensity drills that encourage a lot of touches of the ball in short periods of time. In an average training session, a player may touch the ball 200 times. With Tekkerz, players touch the ball 200 times in the first five minutes, and over 1,000 times in a session. That can only be good for a player – it’s not how long you train that counts, it’s how you train to maximise learning.

Tekkerz also encourages practice through its revolutionary Player Development Platform (PDP). Players and parents get access to a video-skills library separated into 12 levels, from beginner to advanced, with players receiving certificates for mastering each level. The aim is simple – to encourage children to practice as much as they can, and get the parents involved. After all, that initial affinity is often influenced by a parent’s love of a sport

Through the PSA programmes, practice really does make perfect.

For the new season, Tekkerz is running boys and girls programmes from U5 to U14 at various locations including the Discovery College and DB North Plaza pitches, in partnership with DB Angels and Discovery Bay International School.

Progressive Sports Asia, 9770 4548 (Dirk), 9043 3095 (Barry), [email protected], [email protected], Progressive Sports Asia Facebook page, www.prosportsasia.com

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