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Prince left over 100 albums worth of unreleased songs locked in “the vault”

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The immensely talented musician and pop culture icon Prince, who passed away on April 21 may have left a much more vast legacy than the world currently knows.

The artist, who was said to have recorded two songs a day, reportedly has a vault storing a massive amount of songs, as well as live recordings of his concerts, music videos for unreleased singles, and even two feature length films he’s starred in.

Prince sold more than 100 million records in his lifetime, a number which increased shortly following his death. He was highly protective of his music, which is for now only available in limited supplies of CDs and vinyl, and can only be streamed on online music service Tidal.

This collection, including 39 studio albums, supposedly makes up only 30% of his work. Many assume that his true best songs are hidden and locked along with more than a thousand tracks — over a hundred albums worth of unreleased music.

The fate of this material however is uncertain, as the artist passed away leaving no will. While many feel that these songs should have a posthumous release, a number of friends and confidantes say that it is likely that Prince never meant for this music to be made public.

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