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Police warn about bike safety on Lantau

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Lantau police have called on the community to stay safe when cycling.

Last month a cyclist was hospitalised after a traffic accident with an urban taxi outside Tung Chung fire station. The cyclist was not wearing a helmet at the time of the incident.

Lantau North Division Operations and Support Sub-unit Commander Sergeant Cheng Chun-chuen said police had conducted two education campaigns and seven enforcement campaigns on Lantau in the past three months.

Sergeant Cheng urged cyclists to remember these key road saftey rules:

1. Check the condition of you bicycle and wear safety helmets and pads before setting off

2. Obey traffic light signals, traffic signs and road markings

3. When riding in the dark or at times of poor visibility, turn on a white light in front and a red light at the rear of your cycle.

4. Alight when crossing roads

5. Keep to the left and travel in single file except when overtaking or making a single turn

6. Always use a cycle track if it is available

Another incident occurred on the weekend outside the Auberge Hotel in the North Plaza between a bicycle and a taxi.

A DB resident shared the photo on DB Mums’ Facebook page. Around DB is waiting for information from the police about the incident.

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