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Picnic in the Park cancelled this year but organisers assure it will be on in 2016!

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We regret to inform you that the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong’s biggest music and dance festival, Picnic in the Park, will not be happening in 2015.

Unfortunately, the 2015 financial backer had to pull out. Without their funding, PiP organisers couldn’t pay for all the resources required to put on this year’s event.

Hong Kong Resorts agreed to extend the event to a 3-day festival and hold the event on the main Tai Pak Beach; the 2015 Picnic in the Park festival was going to be fantastic.

However, they needed five sponsors to contribute $100,000 each in order to stage a one-day event. For a full 3-day event, they needed 10 sponsors.

Their go/not go deadline to reach the necessary number of sponsors was the 10th of July, and it was not reached in time.

However, Picnic in the Park will continue on in 2016 and remain an integral part of the Discovery Bay and Hong Kong community.

Below is a statement from the PiP organisers:

Hi PiPsters – Thanks so much to everyone for their positive messages of support to help the event continue. We’ve had some really good leads on potential corporate funding and we’re actively following through on these.

We’ve had to take the decision though to postpone the event into the New Year. Without major funding in hand now, it’s just not possible to organize the logistics in time for our usual November slot. That’ll also give us the opportunity to lock into the corporate marketing budgets that typically open up again at the beginning of the Year.

We’re also actively working with our F&B partners in DB to hold a Party in the Plaza event in November 2015. Stand by for more on that shortly.

So in spite of the setback this year, Picnic in the Park is still very much part of the DB community and will remain so for many years to come. Please keep sharing and liking our posts to raise awareness and to spread the word of support.

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/picnicintheparkhk and Deelee Photo.

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