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One Collar One Life: Helping keep Lantau’s cattle safe

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One of the biggest threats to South Lantau’s cows and buffalos is the ever-increasing number of cars on our roads. With cattle roaming freely, they are at risk from careless drivers at any time of the day, however that risk increases significantly in the dark.

Tackling the issue head on is Kathy Daxon, Chairperson of the Tai O Community Cattle Group, who set up ‘One Collar One Life’, a fundraising campaign to provide light-reflecting collars for the island’s feral friends.

“With increased traffic, along with lack of traffic police, on South Lantau Road , we need to do all we can to ensure the safety of our feral cow herds!” says Kathy. “The Flourescent Road Safety collar scheme, started in 2014, lets drivers know that we care and are watching!”

This week, the campaign reached its fundraising target of HK$10,000, and the first collars are now being put onto the cattle. Kathy is understandably delighted and would like to extend her thanks to everyone who contributed to the cause.

The work isn’t all over though, and donations to help safeguard the herds are always welcome. If you would like to get involved, please contact Kathy at toccg@gmail.com.

To find out more about South Lantau’s cattle, head to www.facebook.com/WhereIsMelvin.

Image: gogetfunding.com/one-collar-one-life/


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