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October 2016 officially the hottest (and nearly the wettest) on record in Hong Kong

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October 2016 was officially the hottest October recorded in Hong Kong, according the Hong Kong Observatory.

Despite a series of cyclones in the region, Hong Kong experienced record-breaking mean temperatures, with the monthly mean maximum temperature, the monthly mean temperature and the monthly mean minimum temperature all 1.3 degrees higher than usual at 29.1 degrees, 26.8 degrees and 25.0 degrees respectively. The highest temperature recorded at the Observatory was 32.4 degrees.

A rather eventful month weather-wise, October saw three tropical cyclones, four strong monsoon signals, six thunderstorm warnings, and nine rainstorm warnings: five amber, three red and one black.

The black rainstorm warning was the first to be issued in October since the Rainstorm Warning System was introduced in 1992. The hourly rainfall of 78.7 millimetres recorded at the Hong Kong Observatory between 3pm and 4pm that day was also the highest in October since records began in 1884.

The overall rainfall recorded for the month at the Observatory was six times higher than normal for this time of year and was the second highest on record for October.

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