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Whale meat in can found in Hong Kong’s grocery store before taken off the shelves!

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DB resident Gary Stokes, director of Conservation group Sea Shepherd Asia told Around DB that he is now urging HK authorities to conduct a full investigation on 759 supermarket and its japanese importer of Takagi whale meat after the discovery this morning of “whale curry” cans being sold in their Tuen Mun store.

759 supermarket has now taken all cans of whale meat off the shelves. The store management apologised to its customers for selling illegal endangered species meat and told the press that they had ‘only’ ordered 240 cans and 7 had been sold.

As Gary explains: “it’s totally illegal to import and sell endangered species meat in Hong Kong. I am going to make a big deal out of this and conduct legal proceedings against the grocery chain.”

The Japanese importer told Gary that the store was mainly targeting its Japanese clients with whale meat products.

Gary said that there are two issues of concern in this case:

1. the legal aspect: “How did whale products get into Hong Kong?”: the fin whale is listed as a “most endangered” species and selling whale meat is totally forbidden in Hong Kong. The fine can reach up to HK$5m with 2 years of imprisonment.

2. the health aspect: “A large shipment of fin whale recently arrived into Japan from Norway but was deemed tainted for human consumption”. Gary is now wondering whether this incident and the whale curry in can found in Hong Kong this morning are related incidents!

Gary managed to take a sample of the whale curry found in 759 supermarket and sent it for testing. We should know soon whether the two events are related.

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