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Smile for a Cause!

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Discovery Bay residents are encouraging everyone to get involved in the Go Banana Style Smile for a Cause to help promote happiness, health and collaboration.

Last year’s global Ice Bucket Challenge raised both awareness and funds for ALS patients; this year, Hong Kong’s Go Banana Style (GBS) Smile for a Cause campaign draws a similar concept to promote happiness, health and collaboration. On May 31, GBS launched their campaign and gathered six local charities to collaborate as one.

Participants were asked to circulate their positive energy by sharing a selfie of themselves with a smile to social media, and posting a vote for their organisation. After receiving hundreds of smiles, GBS have launched the semi-finals for the campaign, the KuKuRiKu Challenge.

From June 15, participants can vote for either Ocean Recovery Alliance or The Hub Hong Kong. The KuKuRiKu Challenge is a social wake up call for action; once nominated to do the KuKuRiKu, participants have 24 hours to upload their video and nominate a minimum of three other people to participate, or donate HK$100 to an organisation of their choice.

Don’t forget to add #kukurikuchallenge, #gobananastyle or any other hash tag. For more information, visit www.gobananastyle.com/home.html.

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