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Response to Discovery Bay Tai Pak beach event concerns

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Authorities have responded to a letter from We Deserve Better Action Group convenor, Dr Francis Chiu.

Lewis Ho, Manager-Estate of Discovery Bay Commercial Services Ltd, has responded with a letter shared on the Better DB Facebook page.

Read Dr Chiu’s letter here

Mr Ho’s letter says:

Dear Mr Chiu,
Thank you for your email.
Tai Pak Beach, being a public recreational facility, is utilized for various events and activities for the enjoyment of the public, including DB residents and visitors.
We take note of your concerns about the cleanliness of the beach as well as the adequacy of toilet and changing facilities during events. In fact, we have deployed additional cleaners during event days. To further address these concerns, I have instructed our cleaning company, Winson, to pay special attention and take prompt actions particularly during weekends. We will also review the need for additional showers and toilets in the future, and will put in plans for the enhancement of these facilities if necessary.
As regards proper attire in residential and commercial areas, we can consider the arrangement of signs at prominent places to remind people to dress properly entering these areas.
Lewis Ho
Discovery Bay Commercial Services Ltd

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