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Palm oil arrives on DB beaches

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Lumps of palm oil were spotted on Nim Shue Wan beach this morning, August 11, as the environmental disaster continues to spread across Hong Kong.

DB resident Kevin Laurie posted photos of the oily clumps, which range from one to four inches in width, on Facebook this morning. Although the lumps are smaller and less concentrated than on other Hong Kong beaches, they’re a stark reminder than there are still potentially thousands of tonnes of oil in the sea around the territory.

Around DB reported yesterday on the possibility that a second wave of palm oil will hit Hong Kong’s eastern beaches, dependant on tides and currents.

Marine conservation society Sea Shepherd and other non-governmental organisations have pledged their assistance in attempting to reduce the impact the oil could have on marine life in the area.

Image: Facebook, Kevin Laurie

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  • Nils Reply

    Is Sea Shephard now the only source of information for environmental issues? Their information seems to be very alarmist when an event like a palm oil spill or a mass fish death occurs, only to be later retracted or corrected. What happened to government departments, WWF, green power, the hk ichtyological society, or any number of international experts which hk has? In an era of fake news there should really be more cross-checking and independent verification.

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