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Nutrition tips when you fly!

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It’s summer time and most of you will be travelling this summer. When you are on the plane, remember these nutrition tips by DB Nutritionist Tanja Guigon-Rech from Nutrition Nation HK.

  • Be concious of what time your flight leaves. Your food will not be served for up to 1 hour after take off.  If you are on a late flight (after 8pm), there is a good chance you won’t eat till at least 9pm – which is not ideal.  On a 11pm flight, you will not eat till midnight.
  • Try to avoid eating dinner on a late flight. Try to have dinner at the airport lounge or before you get to the airport. You don’t eat dinner at midnight when at home, so why eating so late on a plane!
  • Avoid eating a large dinner on the plane, then going straight to sleep.This is very common on a plane as most people are exhausted by the time they get on a flight in the morning, lunchtime and especially in the evening.  At home, you wouldn’t eat and then go straight to sleep (unless it was a special evening), so why do it when you get on a flight!
  • Avoid bread on the plane – Most breads on planes have very little nutirional content and have been specially manufactured for planes by adding extra salt, sugar and preservatives. (Calories saved 150 – 400)
  • Avoid desserts– Try to avoid desserts where possible unless they offer you fruits. Even fruits should not be eaten late at night, especially before sleeping.  Desserts on planes have a lot of added sugar, salt and flavouring to add ‘taste’ (which is lost in a high-pressure environment). (Calories saved 250 – 600+)
  • Avoid cheese  – In particular when travelling business or first class, you are presented with a cheese board, quince/jam/jelly and sherry or red wine.  Avoid this at all cost unless you are comsuming cheese in the recommended amount presrcibed by your NN consultant.  That said, you may treat yourself on “rare” occasions however try to consume these items during the day and before 8pm and if in doubt stick to plain cheese. Avoid the spreads that come with it. (Calories saved – 400 – 1000+  – seriously!)
  • Avoid alcohol– This is normal advice when flying, however other than the occasional glass of wine on a flight (not every flight), or the occasional spirit, try to avoid drinking alcohol.  (Calories saved 200 – 600 calories)
  • Book special meals online – At least 24 hours before you fly, you can request a ‘special meal’ ranging from gluten free, low sugar, low fat, vegetarian, vegan, low carb, etc.  (1) You get your meal first – n/a to business class as you can order your meal when you want (2) You can avoid the buttery, high sugar foods that they have on the normal menu.  (3) Make sure you remember to do it online 48 hrs ahead of the flight. Most airlines provide a decent if not excellent alternative to the normal onboard meal – for example low sugar or gluten free meal. (Calories saved – from 300 – 1000)
  • Request your meal times (Business class /First class passengers only)  – If the food on the plane is not being served at the right time to fit your eating plan, ask for your meal at a different time.

Find more at http://www.nutritionnationhk.com/


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