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Tropical Cyclone warning 3 in force

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Issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, the Strong Wind Signal, No. 3 is now in force.
This means that winds with mean speeds of 41 to 62 kilometres per hour are expected.
At 10 a.m., Typhoon Linfa was estimated to be about 250 kilometres east of Hong Kong (near 22.7 degrees north 116.6 degrees east) and is forecast to move west at about 16 kilometres per hour in the general direction of the vicinity of the Pearl River Estuary.
As Linfa moves closer to the coast of Guangdong, Hong Kong will start to have squally showers with local winds strengthening gradually. There will also be swells. Members of the public should stay away from the shoreline and not to engage in water sports.
According to the present forecast track, Linfa is expected to come closest to Hong Kong tonight and tomorrow morning. Local winds will then strengthen further. The Observatory will consider whether to issue the No. 8 Gale or Storm Signal this afternoon and tonight depending on Linfa’s movement and intensity changes.
(Precautionary Announcements with No. 3 Signal)
1. You are advised not to delay in taking all precautions to protect your home or property. Make sure now that all loose objects are secure. Porch furniture, flower pots and other objects likely to be blown away should be taken indoors. Check again and make sure all windows and doors can be securely locked.
2. Engineers, architects and contractors are again reminded that all scaffoldings, hoardings and temporary buildings should be secured.
3. Fishing vessels not yet in typhoon shelters should seek shelter without delay. Check again that all deck fittings are firmly fastened. If available, heavy anchors should be prepared and used in addition to regular anchors.
4. Storm water drains should be cleared of leaves and rubbish, this applies particularly to dwellers in low-lying areas.
5. Listen to radio, watch TV or browse the Hong Kong Observatory’s web site for information on the tropical cyclone.
Further weather forecast for today
Fresh to strong northwesterly winds, strengthening gradually. Mainly cloudy with a few squally showers. Showers will become more frequent in the afternoon. There will be swells.
Outlook : There will still be squally showers tomorrow. Weather improving gradually in the following couple of days.

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