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New food alerts on milk brands

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Food alerts have been made on a number of milk products by the Hong Kong Government’s Centre for Food Safety.

In the first alert, the Centre issued an alert after two brands of imported Australian milk were suspected to have a quality problem.

The alert relates to Pauls brand Fresh Milk and Harvey Fresh brand Fresh Milk with a use-by date of September 6, after the Centre received complaints of a strange taste from consumers.

The Centre has instructed the importer to recall the two batches of affected product and advised consumers to stop drinking them.

In the second incident, the Centre followed up on an alert last week about Trappist Dairy milk, after a sample of the Hi-Calcium Low Fat milk drink had an excessive total bacterial count.

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Further testing on product from a Mong Kok 7-11 store revealed a bacterial count exceeding the legal limit. While the excessive count does not cause food poisoning, consumers are still urged not to consume the product.

The manufacturer has advised the Centre it cleaned its production plant on August 23.

The Centre has urged the recall of all Trappist Dairy milk drinks manufactured on or before August 24, with a use-by date by September 1.


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