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Help make the “Helper” documentary” happen

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HK resident Joanna Bowers needs your help to produce THE HELPER, a documentary that will explore the sacrifices and struggles of HK migrant domestic helpers working to create a better future for the children left at home.

The goal is to raise HKD80,000 so that the film can be made. So far, HKD10,000 have been raised!

In the short introductory video, Joanna explains why she decided to launch this project. “There are currently more than 330,000 migrant domestic workers living in Hong Kong. All too often, they are overlooked and dehumanised. At worse, they are abused and mistreated. We want to tell some of their stories and help to change the way they are viewed within society.”

She also interviews a few Lantau residents who explain how they contribute in their own way to improve the life of domestic workers in Hong Kong.

One of them is DB resident Jane Engelmann who started a choir of migrant domestic helpers – The Unsung Heroes – living and working in Hong Kong. The song they rehearse is ‘I Wish I Could Kiss You Goodnight’, a song with a poignant message to the children they’ve left behind in Indonesia, the Philippines and their other home countries.

The film will explore the varied individual stories of the women in the choir, two-thirds of whom are mothers. Peeling back the veneer of their daily routines, Joanna will explore the hardships and exploitation they suffer, their vulnerability within their adopted city and ultimately the challenges they are determined to overcome to provide a better life for their families.

The uplifting finale of the film will see the choir take to the main stage on the Sunday night of the Clockenflap music festival and share their song with an audience of thousands of appreciative Hongkongers.

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To help get this project off the ground, click here


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