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New road safety measures for Discovery Bay schools

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SECURITY guards have been posted outside three schools in Discovery Bay to improve road safety for schoolchildren after an accident last month.

It comes after a school student was injured on Discovery Bay Road last month on her way home from school.

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Dr Francis Chiu, convenor of the We Deserve Better Action Group, said in a post on the Better DB Facebook page that City Management were working with local schools to improve road safety.

His Better DB Facebook post ‘DB road safety for school children’ says:

There was a traffic accident on Discovery Bay Road on 31 August in which a DBIS student, who lives outside of DB, was injured when she was hit by a Works Department vehicle. She was hospitalized and had to undergo operation(s). Being concerned with general road safety for school children, some residents and I undertook to distribute leaflets on “Road Safety” near Wei Lun School and DBIS. We received feedback from parents who are concerned about the current road conditions and the apparent gradual increase in the number of traffic accidents. Therefore I emailed and asked City Management “what measures will City Management take in order to improve road safety for all residents, particularly students?”
I have just received a reply from City Management. They have contacted Wei Lun Primary School, DBIS ( including Kindergarten) and Discovery College suggesting joint efforts in promoting road safety to their school children. All schools have positive feedback and CM will discuss with them in details after liaison with the traffic police. During the interim, CM will continue deploying security guards in all three locations during morning and after school hours to safeguard road safety.
We all hope DB will get better and better.

Photograph courtesy of Wikimedia Images

Published 14/9/15

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