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Leading agents share top property selling tips

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Should you repaint? Pack away your things? There are some tried and tested ways to ensure you get top dollar when it comes time to sell your property.

Leading Lantau agents share their industry experience to ensure you get the best outcome.

Headland Homes and DB Homes director Christine King’s tips are:

1. The best time to sell your property is when people offer you silly prices and you get many phone calls from agents. You may think your properties price will continue to rise but there is always a top and always a bottom.

2. Put your property to all agents and do not give sole agency to one agency unless you are overseas or not able to look after your property. Headland Homes/DB Homes normally do this service for 25 per cent that gives the other agent a reasonable fee so you don’t lose potential clients.

3. If your property is owned by a shelf company be prepared to sell the company as this may give you a wider range of potential purchasers.

4. Make sure your property looks presentable and get rid of any clutter and if necessary touch up paint, replace carpets etc. Headland Homes/ DB Homes can offer advice on this and we can offer complete makeover service to help you to sell your property.

OKAY.com Associate Director Residential Division Natalie Leslie said:

1. If you have decided to relocate back home or to another destination, we would advise putting your property on the market sooner rather than later. You can always ship your belongings earlier and keep them in storage and live in short-term accommodation in the interim as it saves any last minute panic.

2 When trying to sell a property you live in, always maximize the space, box up any unused belongings and store them away. Always ensure all counter tops are clean and tidy and bathrooms. The old fashioned tips are always the best, bread cooking in the oven and the coffee machine on.

Lifestyle Homes director Roenel Turner’s tips include:

1. First impressions count. A prospective buyer’s first impression of your property will be the lasting one and play a huge factor in the successful marketing and sale of a home. If you have had renovation work done, make sure there is no rubbish lying around and all work has been professionally finished. If it is tenanted, make sure it is neat and tidy when being viewed.

2. Don’t hold off for a particular season. While some overseas markets traditionally have strong and soft selling seasons, Hong Kong is such a strong market there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ time to list a property. If you want or need to sell, go for it.

Savills Hong Kong said:

1. Paint colour is such a personal choice and potential buyers are likely to want to customise it themselves. If you have dark rich colours then repaint in neutral hues.

2. Good landscaping will transform the exterior look and feel of your home and give you a higher price. Hire a landscaper or do it yourself.

Home Solutions manager Kim Jomar recommended:

1. Be realistic in your asking price – look at similar properties for a guide and be prepared to negotiate.

2. Make your property look appealing i.e. store away items that do not enhance the property. Tidy all rooms, put covers on beds, freshen main rooms with flowers etc.

3. Focus on unique qualities of the property e.g. garden, views, proximity to beach, transport etc.

4. Do not renovate your property purely to sell it unless you are certain it will add considerable value to your property. Everyone has different tastes and you may find the purchaser wants to make their own renovations.

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