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Is the Discovery Bay ferry too cold?

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Is the Discovery Bay ferry too cold in the evenings? DB resident Evelyn Waletzki thinks so – and has raised the issue with DB Transport.

Evelyn said she is regular user of the DB to Central ferry and said the temperature is too cool in the cabins, particularly in the evenings.

She said when she has checked the interior temperature is 19 degrees, when the outside temperature is 30 to 32 degrees.

“Of course I do agree that the room needs to be cooled down during the day when there are 300 passengers on board, but they could adjust the aircons when there is less than 50 passengers,” she said.

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She raised her concerns in a letter to DB Transport customer service:

“I am a DBay resident and I make use of the DB ferry to central very regularly. I noticed that especially at evening and night rides, the ferries are being cooled down to what feels like 15 degrees, and I doubt that this is an exaggeration!! As I checked the thermometer on a ride the other night, it shows 19 degrees, and this was the warmest area in the whole ferry. I was asking myself, is this really necessary? And here I am again, sitting in this fridge in jacket and scarf! While outside it is 31 degrees, we get on the boat sweaty and hot, in order to sit in a fridge for 30 minutes and freeze. I’m sure that my otitis media stems from the other night’s ride. I am enclosing pictures of the current temp outside and inside. Awaiting your kind feedback.”

DB Transport responded to Evelyn, saying they found the cabin temperature to be between 20-25 degrees. But they pledged the monitor the temperature as Autumn continues.

Their response read:

“Regarding your above case, the Transport Department has replied as follows – “Transport Department has referred your comment to Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited (‘DBTPL’). DBTPL investigated by riding on each of their vessels in service and checking the cabin temperatures in diverse time slots. During the investigation, DBTPL found that the temperature of the vessels cabins were between 20-25 degrees. Moreover, they observed some passengers were sweating when boarding the ferries during day and night sailings. Therefore, DBTPL considered the current temperature of vessels cabins is appropriate during the summer. Since autumn is coming, DBTPL will continue to closely monitor the temperature of cabins, and adjust it to provide comfortable sailing for the passengers. Thank you for the comment on the ‘Discovery Bay – Central’ ferry service.” If you have any enquiry, please contact us.”

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