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George Foreman: Tung Chung man’s brush with a legend

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Tung Chung man Ash Joshi has shared his personal encounter with US boxing legend and Olympic gold medallist, George Foreman, on the streets of the Hong Kong.

Ash, a personal trainer, moved to Hong Kong six months ago. He and his wife were out walking through Sham Shui Po when he spotted a familiar face.

“I first thought he was the owner of the bar in the Phillipines we used to go to,” he said.

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But when Ash noticed a TV crew following the man and saw a growing crowd of fans surrounding him to take selfies, he quickly realised it was not the bar owner from the Phillipines but the two-time world heavyweight champion.

“I turned to my wife and said ‘oh my god, that’s George Foreman’,” he said.

Foreman, who went toe-to-toe with Muhammad Ali in 1974’s infamous “Rumble in the Jungle” couldn’t have been more approachable despite his fame, Ash said.

The former boxer, who is now a successful entrepreneur, known for the George Foreman grill, happily posed for a snap with Ash.

Ash said he was surprised to bump into a celebrity during his short time in Hong Kong, given he had lived in central London for years.

“We never saw anyone famous there,” he said.

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