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Fight continues for Discovery Bay students

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Discovery College students are maintaining their campaign to ensure compensation for sacked Shenzen factory workers after a successful protest last weekend.

The DC Labour Rights group held a protest on September 12 to support the sacked workers from Mizutani (Shenzhen) Factory Company Ltd, which supplies toys and products for Japan Disney.

DC Year 13 student Lea Mahoudeau-Campoyer said the workers who had been working for the factory for five to 10 years, lost their jobs without notice or compensation in June 2015 when the decision was made to close the Shenzen factory.

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Lea said about 40 people from DC Labour Rights, two other NGOs and other supporters were at the protest on the day.

Lea said the two NGOs were still in contact with workers from the factory and are continuing to faciliate discusision between the workers and Disney,.

“We are waiting to see what the result of these discussions will be in order to see what our next steps will be,” she said.

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