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Dog walks 17 kms across HK before being reunited with his family

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A few days ago, Aladdin, a 12-month old spotted mutt, was reunited with his family after having gone missing for over 6 weeks and after walking 17 kms across Hong Kong!
Aladdin became famous when he was spotted walking through the Cross Harbour Tunnel towards Hung Hom and Lion Rock Tunnel towards Tai Wai. 
Aladdin’s epic adventure started on May 23 when he slipped his collar and ran off out of sight in Braemar Hill Mansions. For 6 weeks, Aladdin managed to ‘visit’ Causeway Bay, Wanchai, Central, then went back to Causeway Bay and made the incredible run through the Cross Harbour Tunnel emerging at Hung Hom and then took a Northern route via Lion’s Rock Tunnel to Shatin – Tai Wai.
All this time, the Hong Kong Dog Rescue’s (HKDR) was searching for him, placing posters in various sights, working with social media and others. A group of concern citizens even offered a reward of HK$20,000 for anyone who could help locate Aladdin.
As Sally Andersen, head of Hong Kong Dog Rescue explains in her blog: “How he [Aladdin] achieved this we will never know, nor what motivated him to keep going until reaching Tai Wai.  Maybe he was just catching his breath there and resting before moving on further North, or maybe he had finally given up running.  I’m just happy that he stayed long enough to make this capture and reunion possible, but this wouldn’t have happened without the help of such amazing volunteers and supporters, as well as the media coverage”
aladdin photo in the tunnel
aladdin photo with poster looking for him
aladdin photo with his family reunited

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