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Discovery Bay students stage Hong Kong Disneyland protest

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A group of Discovery Bay students will protest at Hong Kong Disneyland in a bid to support the rights of workers who have lost jobs following the closure of a Disney merchandise factory.

Discovery College student Lea Mahoudeau-Campoyer, from the DC Labour Rights group, said the September 12 protest had been organised to support workers from Mizutani (Shenzhen) Factory Company Ltd, which supplies toys and products for Japan Disney.

The Year 13 student said the workers, which have been working for the factory for five to 10 years, lost their jobs without notice or compensation in June 2015 when the decision was made to close the Shenzen factory.

“The issue is that as a result, the old workers cannot find new jobs, and the boss owes them a huge sum of money including pensions and housing fund, as well as compensations which are mandatory in China law,” she said. 

The group is calling on the community to support the protest, which will be held from 10.30am to 4pm, coinciding with Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th anniversary.

DC Labour Rights member Samaara Malhotra, 17, who is also in Year 13 at DC, said the group hoped that the protest would help the workers gain the appropriate compensation for their job losses and to raise awareness about the issue among people buying Disney toys.

Ariel Galor, 17, is one of the nine founding members of the DC Labour Rights Group , which started in 2012.

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She said the group’s initial focus was human rights issues at technology manufacturer VTech’s Dongguan factories. The group started expanding their focus 18 months ago.

Comment has been sought from Disneyland about the protest.

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Published 11/9/15

Picture: Discovery College students Lea Mahoudeau-Campoyer, 17, Samaara Malhotra, 17, and Ariel Galor, 17.

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