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Discovery Bay homeowner fails in sea view lawsuit

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A Discovery Bay homeowner has failed in her lawsuit against a Discovery Bay developer over the sea view from her property.

The South China Morning Post has reported that Yang Dandan has lost her claim of HK$8 million in damages and was ordered to pay the legal costs of developer Hong Kong Resort Company in the High Court.

The Canadian-Chinese entrepreneur paid about HK$17.2 million for a 1,667 sq ft duplex flat at a top floor of the Chianti development in 2007.

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The South China Morning Post reported Ms Yang argued part of her view was blocked after the Amalfi was built in 2011, pushing down the value of her property.

In her testimony, she said the developer provided false sales information that misled her into thinking future projects would not block the view from her flat.

But Deputy Judge Kent Yee Kai-siu wrote in his ruling: “While I do not doubt the genuineness of her frustration with the loss of the sea view, which is very minor to my mind, I am of the firm view that her claim is without sound evidential and legal basis.”

Yang was named one of the top 10 female entrepreneurs by Forbes magazine in 2011.

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