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DB on the double

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Annoyed by the crowds of people waiting for the Sunny Bay bus? Frustrated by being packed like sardines in a sweltering tin can? Angry when you miss your ride because the bus driver cannot take any more passengers?

Well now is the time to rejoice, fellow dissenters!

As of Sunday, August 16, six shiny new double-decker buses will be servicing the Discovery Bay to Sunny Bay route.

That’s right, buses with two decks!

Due to troubles with congestion, these vehicles have been introduced as a way to ease this and improve traffic flow.

DBers no longer have to fight through lines of passengers, standing for long periods of time or struggling through the bus journey.

All of this was warmly received at the launch ceremony on August 12, where crowds were abuzz with anticipation as they witnessed these impressive vehicles for the first time.

Vincent Chua, the Head of City Management and Transportation, welcomed them to the event, thanking the Passenger Liaison Group for their support and in particular Peter Crush.

“I would like to give special thanks to Mr Peter Crush because without his involvement and his great support during the negotiation process with the transport department, we would not have got these (buses) in DB,” Vincent says.

With an increase of seats to 84 and standing capacity at 36, the classic experience of being sandwiched by seven people during 5pm bus rides should now be a thing of the past.

More seats mean more passengers, whilst eliminating the need to change the timetable.

Vincent is confident the vehicular armada will do just this, hailing the introduction of the buses as a big step forward for Discovery Bay and its residents.

“I think most of the residents here are happy to see that we have the double-deckers now,” Vincent says.

“We don’t have sufficient single deck buses to serve the demands during the peak hour. The

coming of the double-deckers will surely improve this.”

Aside from helping the DB community in removing their burdens of transport, the buses themselves are a great aesthetic addition.

These sleek purple vehicles are specifically designed to offer the utmost comfort and, with more seating space and a top deck, you can just sit back and relax.

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