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Call for changes to event management after busy weekend in DB

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Dr Francis Chiu, convenor of the We Deserve Better Action Group, has posted a letter about event management on the group’s Better DB Facebook page, after a busy weekend at Tai Pak Beach.

DB was a hive of activity at the weekend in the warm weather with the Wild About Wine festival and the giant slide, both set up on the main beach near the ferry pier.

The letter is addressed to manager of the facilities, Mr Lewis Ho. It says:

Dear Mr Ho,
I am writing to you on behalf of a number of my fellow DB residents regarding the recent activities that have taken place on the Tai Pak Beach and their impacts on our lives in DB.
There have been a lot of complaints regarding these beach events, such as on Sunday 23 August (Yesterday):
1. Many residents are not very happy with the crowded beach. This crowded situation is very unsatisfactory as many residents and visitor are attracted by the ‘serenity’ in DB and the beach. When the ‘quiet beach’ becomes too popular and too crowded, it destroys the original reasons why many residents and visitos like to visit the DB beach in the first place. My point is, the greatness of the Tai Pak Beach will automatically attract some visitors. Massive media coverage is unnecessary and will invite the crowds who will then turn the beach to just another mediocre crowded venue in Hong Kong.
2. Most residents of DB prefers that such big events are organized less frequently, even in Summer. My experience in DB is that Flea Market, Farmers’ Market or Craft Market are also very popular events which do not attract as much criticism as the beach events.
3. As the crowds come, the amenities provided appear to be inadequate. In particular, the plaza toilets are constantly used as changing rooms or even a place for some people for a sponge bath. There is now often a very long queue outside of the plaza (Lady’s) toilets. Although the Man’s toilets are a little better, the floor is constantly very wet due to people trying to wash themselves there. I recommend that you put up tents as changing rooms and more showers on the beach so that they only go to the plaza toilets only when necessary. More frequent cleaning of the plaza toilets is also necessary.
4. Many visitors are now walking around in their swimming wears. Such people have been sighted on buses and supermarkets. I strongly recommend that you put up conspicuous signs at all exits from the beach area to remind people that they are entering a residential/commercial area and should dress respectably. Bus drivers should refuse passengers wearing only swimming wears.
5. This morning (24 August) we found a lot of rubbish left on the beach. This is often observed after big events. I recommend that your cleaning team clean up the beach as much as practically possible in the evening, and do it again early in the morning to pick up garbage they missed in the dark.
DB residents are reasonable people. All we ask is for the event organizers to have careful considerations so that these events and the associated visitors will have as little impact on our normal lives as possible. Thank you very much indeed for your attention, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards
Dr Francis Chiu
Convenor of the
Environmental Protection Subcommittee, COC

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