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2 suspects arrested after HK$10m stolen yesterday in DB

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Robbery at Seabee Lane house yesterday: HK$10m in jewellery and cash were stolen!

According to a police report, three burglars entered a Seabee Lane house, two of them got arrested near the DB pier and one managed to escape through the mountain side. Police are still searching for the missing burglar.

Apparently, the burglary happened at 8am Friday morning. A Seabee Lane house got broken into and a safe containing a large amount of cash plus jewellery was taken away. According to the police, CCTV records show that three suspicious men were wandering around the house on Thursday evening.

At 5am yesterday, the CCTV showed that the same 3 men were spotted by the security guards who informed the police. They managed to arrest two men but the third one managed to escape. The two men were carrying a bag with large amount of cash. But the safe and jewellery are still missing.

So far this year, six burglars have been arrested in DB.

Full letter received from Dr Francis Chiu last night:

Dear Resident,

As the Convener of the Security Liaison Group, I am very glad to inform you of a great success in crime fighting as a direct result of the cooperation between DB residents, the Police, the Security Contractor (Sino) and City Management.

Shortly after 8am on 10 July (Friday), the police received a report of a burglary case, in which a garden house at Seabee Lane had been broken into and a safe, which contains a large amount of cash and some valuable jewelry was taken away. It was estimated that the burglary took place after 8pm on Thursday. CCTV records showed that there were 3 suspicious Chinese male lurking around in the area around that time.

At around 5am, Saturday morning 3 suspicious men were spotted by the security guards in the Seabee Lane area again, thanks to the newly installed high quality CCTV system. The CM superintendants were immediately notified and they started to follow the suspects while the police were informed. In this joint operation the police eventually stopped and arrested two of the suspects at the pier area while the other one managed to escape. The bags of the two arrested suspects contained a large amount of cash. The police continues to search for the escaped suspect and the missing safe and jewelry. You may notice that today there are a lot of policemen in DB, searching for the burglar at large.

The swift arrest of the burglars is a result of the vigilance of DB residents and the good communication network between the security guards, City Management and the Police. Furthermore, this case also highlighted the importance of CCTV’s. Although unfortunately the crime had not been prevented, however, the swift detection was helped greatly by effective CCTV coverage.

Such multi-lateral cooperation has now resulted in the arrest of 6 suspected burglars this year.

Indeed the Police has very effective deployment in our city and we should sleep better at night now knowing that our security is well taken care of. I will keep you posted of the development of this case.

If you do not wish to receive further emails of this kind, please let me know.

Best regards
Dr Francis T W Chiu
Security Liaison Group
DB City Owners’ Committee

Photo taken by: Ann Louise Diokno Stewart

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