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Newborn figures in baffling accident, falls out of incubator in Yau Ma Tei hospital

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A nurse at Kwong Wah Hospital in Yau Ma Tei claimed that an infant girl who fell out of an incubator and onto the floor while being treated for respiratory problems had kicked open its window.

Both the newborn’s father and a paediatrician found this explanation implausible, as the 24-day-old was not strong enough to do so, according to the South China Morning Post.

The accident took place on the afternoon of May 6 while the infant Tsui Hoi-ki was under observation in an incubator at the hospital’s Special Baby Care Unit. She was found 15 minutes after, crying on the floor with one of the incubator’s windows open.

While an immediate examination found no other injuries apart from redness on the baby’s head, neck and back, a test on May 11 uncovered a small haemorrhage of her brain. Her condition was stable as of Saturday, May 21. Meeting with the press, the newborn’s father said the hospital nurse told him that his daughter may have kicked the incubator window open while crying for milk before falling out.

A spokesman for the Hospital Authority said the case would be investigated. An investigation panel is expected to submit a report in eight weeks.

Paediatrician Anthony Ng Wing-keung was likewise skeptical of the hospital’s statement, saying newborns would not be able to kick open a properly closed incubator in good working condition, nor climb out of its window, given an infant’s relative strength and dexterity as well as the lack of any mechanism for opening it from within.

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