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New petition to stave off golf cart park construction on DBRC lawn launched

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Discovery Bay resident Dr. Richard Beck is once again appealing to the community to come together in an effort to halt redevelopment of the Discovery Bay Recreation Club lawn, scheduled on May 10, Tuesday.

In a new petition, Richard writes that Hong Kong Resort Company’s revised proposal does not make a significant difference from its initial construction plans. Should they commence next week, the lawn will no longer be viable for outdoor activities by DBRC members and residents in general.

The petition argues that the plan to create a lot with 90-cart capacity is most excessive, that the HKR erroneously claims to speak on behalf of the DB community, and that it sets a precedent for rezoning recreational spaces across the neighbourhood.

Many have already responded to Richard’s appeal to keep the DBRC, and Discovery Bay in general, an “open and green living space, a safe environment for you and your children and a great place to socialise with friends.” Roughly a third of the target number of signatures have thus far been collected.

To view and sign the petition, visit www.ipetitions.com/petition/say-no-to-golf-cart-parking-on-dbrc-lawn.


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